Company Profile

Bringing happiness and smiles to every person involved with Isoya.

Since our founding, we have made it our mission to bring to you the finest Japanese nori.

Company name Isoya. Co., Ltd
Foundation May 13, 1953
President Koichi Gomi
Number of employees About 70
Business activities Seaweed processing and wholesaling, gifts, online shopping
Head office 3-3-2 Shakujiidai Nerimaku Tokyo JAPAN
Factory 1139-4 Teshigawara Kamisatomachi Kodamagun Saitama JAPAN

Message from the president

Based on our Management Philosophy of "bringing happiness and smiles to every person involved with Isoya" we have concentrated ever since our founding on creating the highest quality Japanese nori.
As the third president, I myself have traveled to every production area in Japan to collect nori that I have personally surveyed for integrated production at our own factory.
Japanese nori is thicker than that from China or Korea.
It is crispy and has a melt-in-the-mouth flavor, with a distinct sweetness that spreads in your mouth.
Nowadays in every part of the world we can find Japanese food being enjoyed.
We are a nori concierge that can respond to our customers' requests for more delicious nori.
We can suggest to you the best nori for different dishes and usages.

Koichi Gomi, the third president

Company History

1953 Founded as Isoya Gomi Senkichi Store in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo, starting business with wholesaling of dried nori.
1955 Became a member of the Tokyo Nori Wholesalers Cooperative, purchasing dried nori at bidding sessions organized by the Cooperative.
1974 Entered the Nori Fishing Cooperative Association as a specified business.
Acquired bidding rights for nori.
1980 Our first president, Senkichi Gomi, became a director of the National Nori Fishing Cooperative Association.
1986 The company name changed from Isoya Gomi Senkichi Store to Isoya Co., Ltd.
We increased our capital to 10 million yen.
1988 The increase in our business led to our manufacturing division alone shifting to Kawagoe City in Saitama Prefecture, to start operations as the Kawagoe Factory.
1990 We acquired factory land in Kamisato Town, Kodama District, Saitama Prefecture. We built a new headquarters factory and distribution center, concentrating all our main operations for manufacturing, logistics, sales, and accounting here.
1992 We built a new main office in Nerima Ward, Tokyo, establishing a planning office.
Mitsunori Gomi became the president.
2002 We received our fifth consecutive commendation as a Successful Bidding Company at a bidding session of the Nori Fishing Cooperative Association.
2013 We reached our 60th anniversary.
2017 Koichi Gomi became the president.